10 July 2008 Welcome - Brighton

Links relating to Brighton and Hove

The current weather from the BBC.

A painting of our street (41 KBytes). The original picture, a watercolour, was painted a few years ago by a group called Street Artists.

This link is to a web site that has lots of information about The Open Market (where we do a lot of our shopping), plus links to other nearby areas.

If you get to the Open Market, don't forget to visit the fish stall, where some very different fish can be bought.

Virtual Brighton has lots of info on what is happening in this lively city (and provides access to the state of the tide as well).

Brighton & Hove Council, is the official web site of the Council. There is a confusing alphabetical index to services and departments and a couple of selection menus. There is an events diary. The major annual festivals and outdoor events are also listed but hard to find.

Brighton Buses provide a superb service to the city and well beyond. The area is covered by a 3 tier fare scheme which helps keep the buses moving along without too much delay from working out fares. Many of the bus stops are now equipped with real-time bus arrival times and the same displays are viewable on the web at the JourneyOn website.

The local newspaper, The Argus, also has a more general site about Brighton and Hove at This is Brighton and Hove.

The Marina offers information about the marina with pictures (and sometimes the weather and a webcam). East Sussex County Council has website, and so does Sussex Past, the Sussex Archaeological Society site. The natural region around Brighton is the subject of the South Downs Online site