11 Sept 2007 Welcome - Charles

caricature of charles

That's .org because we're not a business
and .uk because that's where we live.

The full caricature (by Rick) has its own page.

photo of charles


This area of the site is specifically about what I am interested in and what might be called (if you're feeling generous) my creative side. The rest of my family should not be held accountable (he said, avoiding the culpable/responsible debate) for what appears in this section. Note that the garden has its own section elsewhere

It is probably worth mentioning that I sometimes find it difficult to recognise people. You might like to see this explanation if you have met me (or are likely to).



photo of lynne, and link
1950 - 2002
Two years after her death, I decided to move the link to Lynne's pages from the site's welcome page to my page here.

They will remain as a small tribute to her as long as this site exists.