The Royal Air Force Association (RAFA) Charity Airshow was held at Shoreham on 16th & 17th September 2006. These are just a few of my pictures of this airshow. The weather was good but for one little feature: it was very hazy. The sky was largely overcast, which made for a variable sky colour. The show had much of interest. I had debated going because of the lack of specific information about what was flying on which day. I opted for Saturday, but realised very soon that hard and fast timetables would be very restrictive since much depended on who could actually get their planes to the show on time. Indeed, as many of the displays were old machines, their appearing was by no means certain at all. The timetable was being changed (on the fly?) to provide the most interest for the visitors using what resources were available during the day.

Highlights of the show? The aerobatics including the Yak display team, and the glider; the old planes including a Dakota and Rapide; and the Catalina, which was open for visitors before and after it was shown off in the air.


There are, of course, lots of pictures of the show out there on the wwweb. Paul Watson was obviosly there on Sunday when the fourth of the Utterly Butterly Boeing Stearmans had arrived, and got much better pictures of the Sea Vixen (and everything else...) than I did. Steve Gordon of SJG Photography has some superb pictures including one of the Extra-300. Shoreham RAFA Airshow has its own web site, and Flightline UK has a comprehensive review of the show.

Shoreham Airport has its own website, and there are sites dealing with its history and its iconic standing.