The Burning of the Clocks is a festival of modern invention, but celebrating an ancient event: the winter solstice. For more information on its origins, visit the Burning the Clocks website. Obviously the idea of time and the ending/beginning of years is to the fore. After that, the symbology seems to encompass almost anything. So expect to see characters from Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and Doctor Who - possible connections are pocket watches, swallowed alarm clocks and time travel. There is nothing obviously "religious" in the event, though getting rid of clocks could be a good start! I go along for the spectacle, and the chance to practice night time photography.

In this collection of photographs you will find pictures from the 2005 and the 2006 events. They are a bit fuzzy, but they should still give an idea of the event, perhaps even encourage you to come along next year... and you can find better pictures on the Same Sky website. (They are the organisers of the event.)

Note that the pictures on this page are not "thumbnails": clicking on them will show the whole picture, not a larger version.