Invitation to view board One of my favourite aircraft, the Consolidated PBY-5A "Catalina", was at the Shoreham Air Show. I watched it flying, and I went inside and had a good look around after its display. Wonderful! Here are some of the photographs I took.

The PBY5A Catalina is an amphibious flying boat built during the 1940s. Obviously used much during the war years, the Catalinas have continued to be productive ever since, though in decreasing numbers. Fortunately there are some folk who are prepared to put in a lot of work to keep some of them flying, despite the increasing demands of air safety, decreasing supplies of spare parts, and the rising cost of fuel.

This particular Cat has been owned by Plane Sailing Air Displays since March, 2004. The group and the plane are based at Duxford, Cambridge, UK. The story of this Cat is told in detail on their History of G-PBYA page.