25 October 2009 Welcome - Charles - Poems and pix

Sometimes poems leap to mind. Not often though. More often is the urge to have a poem for a purpose. Sometimes the purpose is an event to celebrate or commemorate. Sometimes the purpose is to frame a thought that can't really be handled in a lesser form. Anyway, over the years I have written a few and though I might regret it, I'm going to let you suffer some of them too. Feel free to cringe.

The poems presented on these few pages are

A few years ago, and long after I started trying to jazz up words, I came across Poetry Ink, a now defunct e-magazine for creative writers - poetry and prose - and now accessible as e-text. I thought most of the stuff was awful. I couldn't read it: couldn't find any rythm, rhyme or reason to read it. But I tried. I was rewarded by their publishing a critique or Writing Rant by Calvin Xavier which included a strong recommendation for a couple of books; Rhyme's Reason (by John Hollander) and The Triggering Town (by Richard Hugo). I took the recommendation to heart and bought those books. Light, understanding and a renewed faith in the continuing existence of poets ensued.

The books explained the difference between poetry and verses. Explained rythm structures. Suggested ways to improve poems. Pointed out that it was hard work; that nearly stopped me, but not quite, as you can see.

Rainbow words

If words are like light, oft bright enough to dazzle
Like the tropic sun at noon;
Then a poem is like a rainbow, that though faint and far away
Makes all else seem gloom.

With much light or many words around us, all appears
In grey and black and white;
But the rainbow and the poem, by being, make us long for
The wealth of colours bright.

Theirs are a beauty and form which mean far more to us
Than seeing what is there.
They take what is ordinary and give it a greater worth
That we will want to share.


Why poems?

Smart poems, daft poems
Written in different seasons:
Poems are penned by different folk
For many different reasons.

Loud poems, quiet poems
Rhythm and meter with meaning.
Poems - a way of voicing ideas
So people enjoy the hearing.

Epic poems, funny poems,
They all help folk remember.
Poems can sometimes make them cry
Or see their world in order.

Good poems, fine poems
Words of wit and wonder:
Poems to make the people think
Or split their thoughts asunder.

Rhyme poems, blank poems
Words with form and structure:
Poems, so much more than words,
Can paint a better picture.



The tyro poet tried and tried
But the more he tried the more he cried
For the words just wouldn't, they really wouldn't
Go where he wanted (they said they couldn't!)
At last he found where he was wrong
He should have seen it all along
Because they wouldn't (or couldn't), they shouldn't.



Evening; two spiders in the bath
By morning,
Just the small one remains.



"I've never seen a tortoise with a silver tongue before..."

"They are hard to find. The silver-tongued bell
  Only appears to those he can trust well.
   Rare the joy he knows when loved
     Only few know of the legend that does tell:
      If you coax one from his lonesome shell,
       Silver-tongue will be your friend,