The east side wall is about 5 feet high, and some of this side of the garden catches the sun from mid morning, almost to sunset.



East side, dismal winter view.
Photo of fig tree.
The fig tree

The dominant feature of the garden is the fig tree. I bought it from a garden supplies shop in London Road (that later turned into a hi-fi shop or something). Anyway, this tree actually provides me (and the starlings) with some stupendous figs.


Photo of bird damage to fig.
Bird strike!

I might not like starlings, but they have good taste. I wonder if they taste good? Then I might get to like starlings...


These ferns are a recent addition, planted in 2001. They seem to be enjoying this damp shaded spot more than I would if I had to stay there for long. Honest. They're just hibernating in this picture. Photo of ferns.