This set of steps leads to an almost magical place. Magical because of the mystery of things growing. They might not be what I planted. They might not look like I thought they would. Some of them move around quite a lot, too, and I certainly didn't put them in the ground. Hence "mystery"...

Lest any should get the wrong impression, and be disappointed, I will state that this is neither an example of a "good" garden, nor a treatise on how to achieve one, merely an attempt at sharing the wonders of a very small backyard garden in Brighton. Please do not take anything here as advice or instruction. Think of it a modern version of a scrapbook... not as any sort of textbook.

The pictures below link to three areas of the garden for closer inspection. There is also a page for general notes and a page for things that move on their own. Oh, and a new page about an attempt at bonsai.

Photo of concrete steps up to garden.
Overview in January - click a picture to explore further
Photo of west side of garden.
West side of garden
Photo of north end of garden.
North end of garden
Photo of east side of garden.
East side of garden