The north wall is about 7 feet high, plus wooden fence covered with ivy. the sun shine here lots on some days. The compost heaps are on the left (west), the fig tree on the right (east) and the bit in the middle grew out of a bag with a blue circle on it. This concrete is far from sterile as it supports various pots of plants waiting to die and in 2001 was home to a gro-bag with tomato plants that fed us fine fruit (or veg) for most of that summer.

North side, dismal winter view.
potted little trees
The future?

August 2002. The fig plants are from prunings of the tree. I got about five to take this year. The oak is from an acorn that was originally intended to feed squirels. But it started growing, so I planted it. See the little sycamore self planted in the fig's pot? I am trying to turn it into a bonsai. Yeah, some chance, but nothing to lose.


August 2003. A view along the path showing my total total lack of control over this place... The pots contain this years prunings from the fig. The yellow stuff is some of that "green manure" that I never got round to digging in. Life, eh?

garden path with pots
I'm going potty.