The west side wall is about 5 feet high, and most of this side of the garden catches the sun (when it shines), through most of the morning and early afternoon.



West side, dismal winter view.
Photo of rhubarb patch.
The rhubarb patch

The oldest inhabitant on this side is the rhubarb. It grows, and I eat it. We both seem to like the arrangement. I was given this plant many years ago and it has encouraged me in the adventure of growing things simply because it - well, works.

The only time it got upset was when I tried to move it downwards a few inches (don't ask why, I can't remember). It sulked for a year. Two years back I divided the single plant by slicing it vertically with a sharp spade and moving the parts cut off away from the main plant a foot or so. It didn't mind a bit.

Rhubarb from window.
view through window

After further division, in April 2003. A really splendid sight from the kitchen window. Did I mention my garden's like a big window box?

The blackberry is a thornless variety (I've found the old invoice for "Black Satin") and produces lots of berries which are not bad, though not very good either. But they're easy to pick! It's also home to some green, flat beetle things in the summer. Photo blackberry bush.
Blackberry plant
I get my hands on the main ingredient for a fruit pie. Photo blackberries.
Photo of compost heaps.
Compost heap(s)
The compost heap. What can one say? It wriggles. It buzzes. It keeps the garden alive, the drains running freely and the rubbish bin light.