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Information about the Puddleglum's Rest web site

This site was first uploaded in November 2000. It was started largely as a exercise in creativity and to learn about web pages and web sites. It has become a sort of hobby, a focus for some small activity in much the same way as (I suppose) stamp collecting or keeping pets might. It is hosted by taliaUK (who were macunlimited who were appleonline) and they have provided a very good service.

The structure has been kept simple with no frames etc. to ensure consistent viewability on various web browsers. The first pages were put together with SimpleText and later pages with BB Edit. Graphics are kept to the minimum resolution and file sizes needed to produce a usable picture. Graphics utility packages used include Graphic Converter and GifBuilder, while the photo production is done with Adobe Photoshop Elements. Textual links are always underlined and visited links revert to my standard text colour.

I use a fairly simple style sheet in an attempt to keep the pages consistent, provide a reasonable degree of screen legibility and allow a way for readers to over-ride it all with their own style sheets. Font preferences are Geneva then Verdana, both designed to be read on computer screens. If you want to print any of the pages, you might do well to pick a different font.

My current web browser of choice is iCab (a Macintosh-only one though these pages are also checked on other browsers). It features buttons for increasing and decreasing text size on the viewed page, and a smiley/scowly that indicates the displayed page's conformance to HTML standards.

Speaking of conformance to standards, I try to ensure that all pages on the site have valid HTML code and use valid CSS code. The authority for the HTML code validation is the W3C validation service and for CSS, the W3C CSS validation service. I check the CSS, and the HTML of a few of the pages, and rely on BBEdit's syntax checker for the bulk of the site. iCab provides a visible backup check, too.

If you haven't noticed them yet, the strips of arrows pointing up in the margins of most of my pages are effectively "go to top of page" buttons; it is almost a trademark... The feature allows for fast moving around the site when used with links at the top of each page. And guess what? it now works with Safari...

The pages are produced entirely on Apple Macintosh computers.

"Mac and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. The Made on a Mac Badge is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., used with permission." http://www.apple.com/products/ The intellectual property rights of the other logos, badges and emblems that follow belong to the owners (or the owners of the products) indicated.