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Other "Wordingham" websites


http://www.wordingham.com  Wordingham Technologies is an engineering company in Victor, New York, USA "producing high quality machined products exclusivly for optics, photonics, and precision instrumentation". It also has an excellent "W" logo.

http://www.wordingham.co.uk  Site for Nigel Wordingham's accountancy firm in Norwich, Norfolk, UK. (I could not view the site with IE 5.1.5, but it was OK with Netscape 7.0.2 and iCab 2.9)

http://www.wordingham.net  Was a site "under construction" (November 2003) by John Wordingham of North Carolina, USA. Not any more, though.



http://www.plant-hire-norfolk.com/  Wordingham Plant Hire (Norfolk). Associated name is Peter Wordingham, in Norwich, Norfolk, UK

http://www.phx-international.com/history.html Is a history page for the Phoenix Products Company. It was "founded in 1892 by Mr. George Wordingham, an English immigrant. The company has consistently and with purpose maintained its operation base within the city of Milwaukee."


Anyone know any more sites with a "Wordingham" connection?