7 May 2006 Welcome - Charles - Caricature

caricature of charles as a bonsai practitioner This picture was drawn by Rick Coleman when I was lured onto the Extreme Networks stand at Networkshop 34. "Sit down" he said, "don't move about, and tell me something about yourself." So not wanting to talk about networks, or any work really, you may guess that I talked my way through hobbies to gardening to bonsai...That mini chain saw could be a winner!

Rick, me and the finished picture

    It's not often I get shown off!

    Rick capturing the next victim subject.

Rick Coleman at work



  • Rick Coleman offers a wide range of entertaining live drawing services, so if you're looking for something different for a party, or a wedding reception perhaps, do visit his website.
  • Extreme Networks manufacture a range of data networking equipment, as used successfully by the University of Brighton (where I work).
  • JANET is the UK's education and research data network and holds an annual training/teaching/sharing event called Networkshop. The venue moves, but to an ever decreasing number of sites as the numbers attending increase. Networkshop 34 was at the University of Hertfordshire.